Developer Ubisoft Montreal has dropped a new Rainbow Six Siege update on the PC test server that makes several adjustments to the tactical FPS' operators and more. We've compiled the full patch notes below.

Many of Siege's operators have been tweaked for balancing purposes. Characters like Buck and Ying have seen their claymores replaced with other throwable explosives, while Caveira has a new customization item for her M12 SMG and Jager has been changed to make him "a bit less oppressive in-game." Further, Mozzie's "Super Shorty" secondary has been removed, and the TCSG12 shotgun's damage has been decreased.

Elsewhere in the patch, Ubisoft addressed a number of bugs that continue to plague the game. These include barricade replication issues that cause rubberbanding, minor menu and shop visual problems, clipping issues, and others.

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