The Division 2 has released another Rogue Agent as part of Warlords of New York Season One. The latest target you're tasked with hunting down is Venus, the second of five total targets that are set to appear throughout the season.

Taking down the first four Rogue Agents will lead to the discovery of your prime target, Jupiter. To draw Venus out, you'll need to head to Downtown East, Federal Triangle, Judiciary Square, and the Pentagon to complete missions, control points, and bounties. Once all of the objectives in each area have been cleared, you'll receive a new bounty leading to a fight with your newest adversary.

A new Rogue target has been detected.
Starting today, you can track down "Venus" as you continue your hunt for Rogue Agents in Warlords of New York Season One. Good luck out there, Agents.

— The Division 2 (@TheDivisionGame) March 31, 2020

From her profile, we learn that Venus was a doctor in the Division before turning rogue. On her way out she stole some supplies and killed the Division agents that were sent after her, so not exactly the greatest bedside manner.

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